MAOHN Scholarship Award

MAOHN Scholarship Award

Purpose and History
Since 1990, MAOHN has sponsored an annual scholarship to one of its members as a way to encourage members of MAOHN to pursue professional growth and development. The MAOHN scholarship fund was created based on donations made by past and current members.

The purpose of this award is to provide financial support for education that enhances a MAOHN member's professional development in the field of occupational health.

The Award
The MAOHN Scholarship Award winner will be recognized during a MAOHN member meeting. In addition, the award winner will be granted up to $500 in monies that they may use during the MAOHN fiscal year to attend future continuing education events.

Scholarship Award winners may participate in multiple continuing education events during their award year with the total reimbursement of these events not to exceed $500.

Any monies not used by the award recipient by the end of the fiscal year will be forfieted back to the MAOHN.

Award Criteria
Applicants must be:

  1. Registered nurse with an active license in the State of Minnesota.
  2. A current MAOHN member with two or more years of continuous membership in MAOHN prior to the year in which the scholarship is awarded.
  3. Presently employed as an occupational health professional for a minimum of two years full time of four years part time.

Applicant should have established an educational / career plan and be able to specify how this award will enhance their role as an occupational health professional.

Please note that financial need is not necessary.

To Apply or Nominate Someone

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